Reading period week 1

I promised that I’d post each week about the submissions I’d received for Rocket Science. I suppose I had been slightly afraid I’d be inundated with hundreds – well, maybe tens – of manuscripts as soon as the reading period opened. I’ve seen submission stats for some online genre magazines, and they receive huge numbers of submissions per month. In actual fact, I was sent less than I expected, though perhaps the number will pick up as the weeks progress – there are, after all, three months until the reading period closes.

For the record, I received nine stories and one non-fiction piece, which break down as follows:

Let’s hope this week brings more submissions by women writers and by writers from countries other than the UK and US.



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2 responses to “Reading period week 1

  1. Martin McGrath

    If my experience with a couple of years of administering the James White Award is anything to go by, you’ll probably get a slow stream of submissions in the early weeks and then a huge rush near the deadline.

  2. I for one was hoping to get a story submitted for consideration and can see it coming in just before the deadline. So don’t be discouraged by the low numbers… Martin, bless his cotton socks, is probably right.

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