Reading period week 8

There’s been a slight uptick in submissions over the past seven days, albeit only in short stories.  The total now stands at 45 short stories and 5 non-fiction pieces. So I really need some more non-fiction. I’ve bought two so far, and I’m hoping to publish four or five in Rocket Science. There may be fewer slots available, but the odds of a sale are probably slightly better.

What sort of non-fiction am I looking for? Anything, to be honest. On science or science fiction. Spacecraft, spacesuits, space probes, rockets, cosmology, orbital mechanics, exoplanets… there’s no shortage of suitable subjects. A non-fiction piece on science fiction is, perhaps, a little trickier. A review of a relevant book, film or television series isn’t really substantial enough, but an in-depth critical piece would be. Or even a critical piece on a number of thematically, or otherwise, linked books and/or films, etc. Whatever. Just send me something.

I’m hoping Rocket Science will prove a quite varied anthology – within the limits of its theme, of course – and the stories I’ve received so far have certainly stretched that theme quite a bit. Perhaps a even little too far in a couple of cases. I am willing to be flexible – one story I’ve bought has absolute nothing to do with rockets, for example – but only up to a point. I’m not looking for traditional science fiction. I want science fiction stories, yes; but don’t think you have to lard your story with sf tropes in order to make it fit. Think a little outside the box. Send me something that meets the criteria but I probably won’t have seen before. Send me a story with a bibliography and which convinces me you used those books for research. Send me a literary story that happens to have a hard sf setting. Send me a science article that reveals itself as science fiction on the last page. Send me a story that’s utopian, a story that’s communist. A story with equations in it, or with citations and footnotes in it. A story that takes place over a handful of minutes, or over tens of centuries. Experiment a little.

And now for the customary pie charts:



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6 responses to “Reading period week 8

  1. pattyjansen

    Ian, does the non-fiction have to be new? I have several blog posts that I could adapt that might be suitable. I know it’s a tricky question for non-fiction

  2. Colum Paget

    I’m not likely to be submitting any non-fiction myself, but it occurs to me that you should probably give some hints about what subjects you’ve already accepted work for. Otherwise people might spend their time reproducing each others work?


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