Reading period week 10

Things are starting pick up, and the total submissions to date now stand at fifty-seven short stories and five non-fiction pieces. I’ve only bought eight out of an anticipated sixteen to eighteen, so I’m still looking. Keep them coming.

Submissions from the US continue to dominate, followed by the UK and then Canada. Plus a handful of submissions from further afield. I’ve only received two from authors whose first language is not English. Male writers also dominate, and I have to wonder how many female writers are put off by the fact Rocket Science is looking for hard sf. They shouldn’t be. First, I’m flexible on the degree of hardness – as long as there’s no “magic” technology, of course. Second, I’m even flexible on the degree of science fiction – but no fantasy, naturally. If you’re unsure, send me a synopsis and if I think your story might fit I’ll ask for the full ms. There’s only three weeks left before the reading period closes, so don’t leave it too late…

And now for the charts:


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