Reading period week 11

A fortnight to go and we’re at seventy-two stories and five non-fiction pieces. More of the latter desperately needed, please.

Recently, the International Space Station has become quite a popular setting for stories. There has also been a number of somewhat pessimistic stories – in which the protagonist dies, or humanity rolls up its space programme. In one or two cases, it’s only the US which pulls out of space. Bear in mind, please, that I’m a Brit and Rocket Science is a British anthology – so rah rah America stories won’t work on me, and are extremely likely to be rejected. Which does not mean that a rah rah UK story will automatically be accepted. Jingoism of any sort is not a good strategy.

I’ve also received a couple of military sf stories recently. And while these may follow the letter of the guidelines, they’re not exactly to the spirit. There’s plenty of drama – not to mention sense of wonder – in the universe all ready, without having to blow things up or kill vast swathes of people. I’m not anti mil sf per se, but it’s certainly not my preferred subgenre of science fiction.

What I want to see are stories that do something completely unexpected within the guidelines. Those are the ones I’ve bought so far. And that’s what I want Rocket Science to be. The title alone means people are likely to pick up the anthology with preconceived ideas about its content, and I’d like to confound those expectations. In fact, I hope the stories I’ve bought so far do exactly that. And I can see that if I continue this argument, I’m going to set up an entirely different set of expectations…

… So on with the graphs:



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