Reading period final week

So as we start the final week of Rocket Science‘s reading period, the number of submisions stands at eighty stories and five non-fiction pieces. To date I’ve bought ten stories and two non-fiction articles, have half a dozen I’m hanging onto for a second reading, and another half a dozen I’ve yet to read. But there’s still plenty of room left, so if you’re going to send in something, do it in the next few days.

It’s probably a bit late to say this, but if you’re going to submit to an anthology, or a magazine, the first thing you should do is read the guidelines. I’ve only received a couple of stories that were completely unsuitable, and for those that were borderline I recognise it’s a judgment call… but I have received manuscripts in a wide variety of formats. The Rocket Science Submission Checklist clearly asks for manuscripts to be single-spaced in a non-proportional font, with every page numbered. Only a handful arrived formatted in this way. I didn’t hold it against anyone if they failed to submit in the requested format – and, it has to be said, you can’t really go wrong with Standard Manuscript Format, which many used. However… one person didn’t even put their name on their story; several didn’t include their addresses; and a few didn’t give wordcounts. Happily, most manuscripts I received included all the necessary information, and were formatted in a readable style. But, still: it’s always best to check out the guidelines before submitting.

On with the pie charts:

AR Argentina; AU Australia; CA Canada; EE Estonia; GB UK; PO Poland; NO Norway; US USA





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2 responses to “Reading period final week

  1. Will we get another set of ‘Settings/Protag/Theme’ graphs before the end? Although these have ‘done their job’ for me, I’m still curious as to what the final score was in terms of such things. I think these charts, which give ongoing feedback to writers thinking of submitting, are some of the most important an editor can put out, as it allows them to ‘shape’ incoming submissions. I’ve got more to say on this here:

    If any crazy people really are thinking of trying to write something from scratch in the last week, then these charts would be a big help to them (though really they probably need ‘professional’ help of a different nature).

    Anyways, good look with the last week of submissions, if other people’s submissions charts are anything to go by, you’re probably going to need it!


    • I’ll do a final series of graphs once the reading period is over. If I put them up now, with a week to go, it might encourage people to just file the serial numbers off a story to make it fit. In fact, I have my suspicions exactly that has happened on a couple of stories that have been sent to me…

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