Rocket Science table of contents

Here they are: the seventeen stories and five non-fiction articles which will appear in Rocket Science:

Final Orbit, Nigel Brown
The Complexity of the Humble Spacesuit, Karen Burnham
Conquistadors, Iain Cairns
Making Mars A Nicer Place to Live, Eric Choi
Launch Day, David L Clements
Why Barnaby isn’t on the ISS Today, Gary Cuba
Dancing on the Red Planet, Berit Ellingsen
Fisher’s Gambit, Stephen Gaskell
Going, Boldly, Helen Jackson
The New Tenant, Philip Edward Kaldon
Not Because They Are Easy, Sam Kepfield
Tell Me A Story, Leigh Kimmel
Waverider Entry Spacecraft: A History, Duncan Lunan
Dreaming at Baikonur, Sean Martin
The Brave Little Cockroach Goes to Mars, Simon McCaffery
Pathfinders, Martin McGrath
The Taking of IOSA 2083, Colum Paget
A Biosphere Ends, Stephen Palmer
A Ray of Sunshine, Bill Patterson
Incarnate, Craig Pay
Slipping Sideways, Carmelo Rafala
Sea of Maternity, Deborah Walker

And here are some pie charts about the contributors:


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11 responses to “Rocket Science table of contents

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  2. Very honored to be a Rocket Scientist for this anthology! 🙂

    Thank you very much for including my story and for making the collection possible.

    Looking forward to checking out the other stories!

    Also proud to be one of the female contributors in a hard SF anthology. 🙂

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  4. Roy Gray

    Looks interersting. I should be able to pick one up at Eastercon then.

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  6. Carmelo Rafala

    It’s good to see my old friend Nigel Brown in there as well.

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  9. Also proud to be a Rocket Scientist – thanks Ian! I’ve put up a belated blog post about the anthology here:

    Finding all the statistics fascinating. I must admit, I misread the label on the first pie chart above, and thought you’d divided us into “Rocket Scientists” and “Hot Pocket Scientists”. (Although I’d be proud to develop new tasty microwaveable snacks for our journey into space.)

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