Rocket Science Update

If this really were some sort of space mission, we’d be in that portion where Mission Control has suffered from Loss of Signal. Which doesn’t, of course, mean nothing is happening. Since the New Year, I’ve been busying editing the stories and articles that will appear in Rocket Science. Although only fifty-nine percent of the contributors are British, Rocket Science is still a British anthology. So I’ve been converting a lot of US and Canadian spellings to UK spellings.

source: Wikipedia

In fact, while editing and formatting the manuscripts for Rocket Science, it struck me that I needed a style guide. Everything in the book has to be consistent – from spelling, to the presentation of quotations from other documents, to headers and footers. Fortunately, there are some good style guides online. I’ll be using elements of the Guardian’s and… well, I was going to reference the Economist style guide too, but it vanished during their move to a new content management system last July and has yet to be re-instituted.

Myself and the publisher have also been working on the cover-art. I am, I freely admit, not very good at that sort of thing, so his help has been invaluable. I think we’re getting close to a quite striking cover design.

Meanwhile, plans are still forging ahead to launch Rocket Science at Olympus 2012, in Heathrow, sometime over the weekend of  6 – 9 April. I also plan to attend alt.fiction in Leicester the weekend after that (14 – 15 April), where we may do a second-stage launch or something.

As for this blog… starting in March, I’ll be posting bios of the authors in Rocket Science, and perhaps even teasers for some of the contents. And, when I find the time, I’ll continue to post pieces here that might be of interest to potential readers of the anthology. So don’t forget to keep on visiting…



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5 responses to “Rocket Science Update

  1. Thanks a lot for all your hard work!

    Can’t wait to see the cover!

    I’ll check out the program for Olympus. It being in Heathrow would be convenient for travel.

  2. Have you thought of launching a competition and throwing cover design open to the interwebs?

    You should at least get a few good “I’m in your rocket ????ing your science” LOLcats.


    • Given enough time, perhaps it would have worth doing that. But the launch date is around two months away, and there’s still plenty to do before we get proper printed copies ready for then.

  3. It’s been a pleasure working with you on this, Ian. I look forward to April, when I can hold the actual copy in my hands.

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