Rocket Science leaves assembly building

Source: Wikipedia

This blog has been a little quiet of late as I’ve been busy putting the final editorial touches to Rocket Science. But, now, at last, it’s all done and the print-ready files have been sent to the printers. And that includes the cover-art – which looks like this:

Over the next few weeks, I plan to post something about each contributor in Rocket Science, as well as something about their contributions. Just so you’re all nice and primed when the book is launched at the Eastercon in early April. More details on that launch when the convention programme is finalised.



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6 responses to “Rocket Science leaves assembly building

  1. Nice cover!

    A little obvious in some ways, but still, a nice cover.

    Nice choice of font too. Gerry Anderson ‘UFO’?


  2. Iain Cairns

    Awesome cover, Ian!

    By counting the rivets on the interstage, and noting that the second-stage J2 engine is clearly pre the igniter line redesign, I’m guessing it’s, erm… Apollo 6? 😉

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