Recommended reading – fiction

At the end of Rocket Science, I’ve included a Recommended Reading List of fiction and non-fiction titles I believe are both good books and fit the type of fiction characteristic of Rocket Science‘s contents.

Here is the fiction list:

Barton, William: Dark Sky Legion (1992)
Barton, William & Michael Capobianco: Iris (1990), Fellow Traveler (1991), Alpha Centauri (1997)
Baxter, Stephen: Voyage (1996), Titan (1997), Moonseed (1998)
Hartmann, William K: Mars Underground (1997)
Jones, Gwyneth: Life (2004)
Kerr, Philip: The Second Angel (1998)
Landis, Geoffrey A: Mars Crossing (2000)
Locke, MJ: Up Against It (2011)
McAuley, Paul: The Quiet War (2008), Gardens of the Sun (2009), In the Mouth of the Whale (2012)
Mercurio, Jed: Ascent (2007)
Mixon, Laura J: Burning the Ice (2002)
Moriarty, Chris: Spin State (2003), Spin Control (2006)
Nagata, Linda: Tech-Heaven (1995), The Bohr Maker (1995), Deception Well (1997), Vast (1998)
Robinson, Kim Stanley: Icehenge (1986), Red Mars (1992), Green Mars (1993), Blue Mars (1996), The Martians (1999)
Sargent, Pamela: Venus of Dreams (1986), Venus of Shadows (1988), Child of Venus (2001)
Slonczewski, Joan: The Highest Frontier (2011)
Sterling, Bruce: Schismatrix Plus (1985), Holy Fire (1996),Distraction (1999), The Caryatids (2009)
Williams, Sean, with Shane Dix: Echoes of Earth (2002), Orphans of Earth (2003), Heirs of Earth (2004)
Zubrin, Robert: First Landing (2001)

One or two of the books might, I freely admit, stretch the definition of the type of fiction I was looking for when putting together Rocket Science. But never mind. If anyone has any further examples, feel free to mention them in the comments. But please, no ancient Clarke, Heinlein or Asimov titles – though some of them may certainly be described as “hard sf”, the science and technology is so out-of-date and no longer accurate they might as well be alternate histories…


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  1. Iain Cairns

    Very interesting selection, will have to check some of those out.

    I loved The Quiet War and Gardens of the Sun, and they turned out to be very good prep for me when writing my Rocket Science story. Lots of nice details, such as having to walk heel-toe like a geisha on low-gravity moons to avoid flying off…

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