Recommended reading – non-fiction

Here is the non-fiction section of the Recommended Reading List, which can be found at the end of Rocket Science:

Armstrong, Neil, Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin & Michael Collins: First on the Moon (1970)
Butricia, Andrew J: Single Stage to Orbit (2003)
Chaikin, Andrew: A Man on the Moon (1988), A Passion for Mars (2008)
Chown, Marcus: Solar System (2011)
Collins, Michael: Carrying the Fire (1974)
Cox, Brian & Jeff Forshaw: The Quantum Universe: Everything that Can Happen Does Happen (2011)
French, Francis & Colin Burgess: Into That Silent Sea (2007), In the Shadow of the Moon (2007)
Gilster, Paul: Centauri Dreams (2004)
Gott, J Richard & Robert J Vanderbei: Sizing Up the Universe (2010)
Kluger, Jeffrey: Journey Beyond Selene (1999)
Kondo, Yoji, ed.: Interstellar Travel and Multi-Generational Space Ships (2000)
Krone, Bob, ed.: Beyond Earth—The Future of Humans in Space (2006)
O’Neill, Gerard K: The High Frontier, 3rd edition (2000)
Orzel, Chad: How to Teach Quantum Physics to Your Dog (2010)
Roach, Mary: Packing for Mars (2010)
Schmitt, Harrison: Return to the Moon (2005)
Schrunk, David, Burton Sharpe, Bonnie Cooper & Madhu Thangavelu: The Moon—Resources, Future Development, and Settlement, 2nd edition (2008)
Stafford, Thomas: We Have Capture (2002)
Stenger, Victor J: The Fallacy of Fine-Tuning (2011)
Wolfe, Tom: The Right Stuff (1979)
Zubrin, Robert: The Case for Mars (1997), How to Live on Mars (2008)

Again, if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to mention them in the comments.



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2 responses to “Recommended reading – non-fiction

  1. Iain Cairns

    As a companion to some of the books by Apollo astronauts, here’s one about them:

    “Moondust: In Search of the Men Who Fell to Earth” by Andrew Smith

  2. Yes, that’s a good book. I recommend it.

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