Introducing the authors: Duncan Lunan

Source: ASTRA

Duncan provides one of Rocket Science‘s five non-fiction articles, about the Waverider Re-entry Vehicle… and he’s certainly qualified to do so:

Duncan Lunan was born in Edinburgh in 1945, and grew up in Troon, Ayrshire, attending Marr College and Glasgow University. He is an M.A. with Honours in English and Philosophy with Physics, Astronomy and French as supporting subjects, and has a post graduate Diploma in Education. After graduating in 1968 he was a management trainee and researcher, before becoming a full-time writer. In 1990-91 he was Photo-Archivist for the Press Centre during Glasgow’s year as European City of Culture, and otherwise, apart from occasional temporary or part-time jobs, since 1970 he has been a full-time author, researcher, tutor, critic, editor, lecturer and broadcaster with emphasis on astronomy, spaceflight and science fiction, and undertakes a wide range of other writing and speaking.

His publications include three books on spaceflight, Man and the Stars, New Worlds for Old and Man and the Planets, and he edited Starfield, an anthology of science fiction by Scottish writers. He has contributed to twenty other fiction and nonfiction books, among over 700 articles and thirty short stories published, including ten stories for the comic strip ‘Lance McLane’ created by Sydney Jordan for the Daily Record. His stories and articles have appeared in Analog, Galaxy, If, New Moon, Spaceflight, the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, Space Policy and many other journals and magazines. He was science fiction critic of the Glasgow Herald 1971-92, running its annual SF and fantasy competition 1986-92, and currently reviews science fiction and fantasy for Interzone and Concatenation. His monthly news column ‘The Sky Above You’ has appeared in numerous newspapers and magazines since 1983, and currently appears in Cosmic Aspects, published online by Astronomers of the Future, and Jeff Hawke’s Cosmos, published three times yearly by the Jeff Hawke Club, for which he also writes notes on the classic Jeff Hawke and Lance McLane comic strips as they are reprinted. His next book, Children from the Sky, is scheduled for publication by Mutus Liber in late May 2012, and he is under contract with Springer International for two more, The Stones and the Stars, a new stone circle for Scotland, and Incoming Asteroid! What could we do about it?. As Manager of the Glasgow Parks Dept. Astronomy Project, 1978-79, he designed and built the first astronomically aligned stone circle in Britain for over 3000 years. From 1963 to 2010 he was a Council Member of ASTRA, the Association in Scotland to Research into Astronautics, as President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, head of the exhibitions committee and a member of the publications committee 1970-2010, was Curator of Airdrie Public Observatory 1980-81, 1987-97 and 2005-2008, and in 2006-2009 ran an educational outreach project from the Observatory to schools, funded by the National Lottery.

Duncan lives in Glasgow and is a Director of the educational company Astronomers of the Future, with his wife Linda. His other interests include ancient and mediaeval history, jazz, folk music and hillwalking, and he ran folk song clubs in Ayrshire continually from 1965 to 1981.


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