Countdown, part 1

To whet your appetite for this Sunday’s launch, here are the first lines of each of Rocket Science‘s contents:

“TIME FOR BED, Reggie.” (‘Tell Me A Story’, Leigh Kimmel)

FISHER CAN’T HELP himself. (‘Fisher’s Gambit’, Stephen Gaskell)

THE STRONG ODOUR of burning spread quickly through the air, pumped around the International Space Station by rackety fans. (‘Final Orbit’, Nigel Brown)

IT’S LAUNCH DAY. In just a few hours I’ll find out if my scientific career is about to move into high gear, or if my future will end up in pieces on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. (‘Launch Day’, David L Clements)

NO PARENT EVER wants to lose a child, especially not the same child twice. (‘Incarnate’, Craig Pay)

“WE WANT TO dance when we go out the airlock,” the Belgian said. (‘Dancing on the Red Planet’, Berit Ellingsen)

IN SOME WAYS, Mars is like a celebrity that one finally meets and discovers is shorter and less attractive in person than on screen. (‘Making Mars A Nicer Place, in Fiction… and Fact’, Eric Choi)

CHEN WAS OUTSIDE, blowing the dust from the mirrors of the solar collector. (‘Pathfinders’, Martin McGrath)

“OUR AGRICULTURAL SYSTEM must produce all our food,” said David James. (‘A Biosphere Ends’, Stephen Palmer)

WE BURIED RACHEL in the spring. (‘Slipping Sideways’, Carmelo Rafala)

CARMEN VASQUEZ ROLLED the silver coin between her thumb and forefinger, and set it spinning in the stale air. (‘Conquistadors’, Iain Cairns)

The first lines of the other eleven contributions will be posted tomorrow morning.

Copies of Rocket Science will be available at the Eastercon this coming weekend (6 – 9 April) and alt.fiction the weekend following (14 – 15 April). You can also pre-order a copy from Amazon here, and they should be available next week directly from the Mutation Press website here.


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