Countdown, part 2

Here are the first lines of the remaining eleven contributions in Rocket Science:

“‘WELCOME TO THE Holodeck’,” quotes Frankie. (‘Going, Boldly’, Helen Jackson)

THROUGHOUT THE HISTORY of spaceflight, every aspect turns out to be a bit harder than it would appears at first blush. (‘The Complexity of the Humble Spacesuit’, Karen Burnham)

BARNABY SHAUGHNESSY KNEW it had to be The Call. (‘Why Barnaby isn’t Aboard the ISS Today, Gary Cuba)

The first manned lunar mission, created by Soviet engineers and workers, is headed towards Earth’s only satellite. Zond 7 lifted off on schedule on 22 February, and the spacecraft performed flawlessly. (‘Not Because They Are Easy, Sam S Kepfield)

“AH, HERE HE is. In this corner,” says Xilou. (‘The Taking of IOSA 2083’, CJ Paget)

IT STILL SOUNDS wonderful, sixty years later. (‘A Ray of Sunshine’, Bill Patterson)

“HOUSTON, WE’VE GOT a problem.” (‘The Brave Little cockroach Goes to Mars’, Simon McCaffery)

I HAVE TWO real-time images on my bedroom walls. (‘Sea of Maternity’, Deborah Walker)

SHE FLOATED ABOVE Amazon Rain Forest Zone 23, snapping pictures, then comparing them to the ones she’d shot last month. (‘The New Tenant’, Dr Philip Edward Kaldon)

IN MAY 2010, the US Air Force successfully tested the X-51 prototype of an air-launched, scramjet Mach 6 cruise missile. (‘Waverider Entry Spacecraft: A History’, Duncan Lunan)

THE TREES ALONG Konyushkovskaya Street were heavy with scent. (‘Dreaming at Baikonur’, Sean Martin)

Copies of Rocket Science will be available at the Eastercon this coming weekend (6 – 9 April) and alt.fiction the weekend following (14 – 15 April). You can also pre-order a copy from Amazon here, and they should be available next week directly from the Mutation Press website here.



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4 responses to “Countdown, part 2

  1. Wel, I guess we have liftoff.

    I want to thank you, Ian, for all your hard work in making rocket science happen. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again (probably at alt.fiction) you (and I suspect Mike Harding too) have made compiling, producing and releasing an anthology look damn easy, and you’ve set a new level for the ‘New Anthologising’, and you’ve produced a final result that’s been reviewed as ‘Superb’ by the Guardian.

    I had a fantastic time doing my first ever reading, meeting people, and generally doing the writerly thing. My only regret is that I didn’t take time to meet more of my fellow Rocket Science contributors, but I was a little shell-shocked after having done my first reading, I hope to rectify this at alt.fiction.

    Is Rocket Science going to be available as print-on-demand? I understand the first print run is almost sold out, but after reading the guardian review surely there are going to be more people wanting to buy it?

  2. Arnold Haven

    I’m looking forward to this … will there be an Ebook? I can’t find it on Amazon.