Victims of our own success

Unfortunately, it seems demand for Rocket Science has outstripped supply. We sold almost the entire first print run at Eastercon, and what was left was sold at alt.fiction the following weekend. That’s the print run sold out in a week. We did order a second print run immediately after the Eastercon, but it has yet to arrive.

I can’t really complain that Rocket Science is proving so popular, but I’m afraid it does mean that people who have ordered a copy through the website will have to be a little patient. Having said that, if you haven’t bought a copy yet, don’t let that stop you ordering one. Let’s see if we can sell out the second print run just as quickly. And the third… the fourth…




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3 responses to “Victims of our own success

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  2. Is it back in yet? Any ETA on .epub versions?

    • I’m currently learning my way round Scrivener, but EPUB and MOBI versions should be available some time next week. Will have to check with publisher if new stock is in yet.

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