Flight notes

The second print run of Rocket Science was delivered at the end of April and the book continues to sell well. A version for Kindle is imminent. Meanwhile, a couple of reviews have appeared. There’s this one here from Geek Chocolate which is, I think, positive:

Overall, the quality of the writing is consistently high…

And here’s another from The Future Fire which is definitely positive.

…I am usually more interested in the philosophical, political and sociological side of science fiction. Yet I was immediately at home here, comfortable and in many cases utterly riveted.

Source: NASA

I’ll post links to, and quotes from, other reviews as they appear, whether online or in print.



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4 responses to “Flight notes

  1. Will there be an .epub version too?


  2. Very nice, Ian. I hope you have an opportunity to send Rocket Science to the Year’s best anthologies, too. (If that’s how it’s done).

  3. Thank you for the links to the reviews, Ian. The Geek Chocolate one was somewhat positive, although it seemed gratuitously cruel to those whose stories the reviewer disliked.

    Thank you again for putting this anthology together, and agreeing to take my essay.

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