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My copy of the latest issue of Interzone – #241, July-August 2012 – arrived on Thursday, and in its Book Zone on page 50 is a review of Rocket Science.

Source: TTA Press

The reviewer, Ian Hunter, singles out Karen Burnham’s ‘The Complexity of the Humble Spacesuit’ and adds “likewise, Bill Patterson’s ‘A Ray of Sunshine’ is a joy”.

Of the fiction, he admits to preferring the “humorous or irreverent” ones, and mentions those by Berit Ellingsen, Simon McCaffery, Gary Cuba and Helen Jackson. For the serious stories, he names those by Stephen Palmer and Craig Pay. He also writes that Leigh Kimmel’s ‘Tell Me A Story’ was a perfect opener for the anthology, and “would have been a perfect way to end it too”.

Rocket Science“, Ian Hunter writes in his review, “is a mighty fine collection and worth seeking out.”

Incidentally, the selfsame issue also contains a story by Rocket Science contributor CJ Paget. It’s the story with which he won the James White Award, ‘Invocation of the Lurker’.


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