The Best Hard SF Anthology of the Year?

Which hard sf anthology did the Guardian newspaper describe as “superb”? Was it Edge of Infinity, the “sequel” anthology to 2010’s Engineering Infinity, both of which were edited by Jonathan Strahan? I think not.

It was Rocket Science.


Rocket Science cover art

If you’re going to throw around a term like “the best hard sf anthology of the year”, and you think it’s a toss-up between Edge of Infinity and Baen’s Going Interstellar, well, you’d be wrong. It’s not about the marquee names on the cover or in the TOC. It’s about the stories.

So if you’re a fan of hard sf short fiction, and you don’t own a copy of Rocket Science, then you need to rectify that immediately. Because you can’t make any claims to “best of the year” if you’ve never bothered to read the first hard sf original fiction anthology to be published in 2012.



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8 responses to “The Best Hard SF Anthology of the Year?

  1. That is fantastic!

    Thank you for posting this, Ian! We’re the small but smart little spacecraft that flew.

  2. Thank you, Ian, for the news. It is a tribute to your talents as anthologist and editor. Now, I think it’s time to show that sequel anthologies can be the best hard sf winners, too.

    • We’ve not actually won anything – I’m just getting annoyed with Edge of Infinity being treated as if it were the only original fiction hard sf anthology published in 2012.

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  4. Iain Cairns

    Hi Ian, great that you’re flying the flag (or should that be “deploying the Lunar Flag Assembly (LFA)”) for Rocket Science!

    Speaking of which… I increasingly think the news is turning into stories from Rocket Science:

    BBC News – Golden Spike space firm plans $1.4bn Moon trips:


    As soon as there’s a Kindle edition…

  6. Honestly, I’d buy it (if nothing else to see what else Stephen P. has written.)

    But guys, I just don’t buy paper anymore. It’s gotta be electronic, or I don’t read it. I mean, it’s not Rocket Science to publish electronically anymore… 😉

    I look forward to the potential of a Kindle edition (or some other e-pub).

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