What people have been saying about Rocket Science:

“there are, it must be re-emphasised, good stories here” Strange Horizons

“Rocket Science is a mighty fine collection and worth seeking out.” Interzone

“I was immediately at home here, comfortable and in many cases utterly riveted” The Future Fire Reviews

“Overall, the quality of the writing is consistently high” Geek Chocolate

“Superb” Guardian

“I wasn’t entirely sure I’d enjoy Rocket Science, but I found I had nothing to fear” Jaine Fenn

“This is a very solid collection of short fiction that does just what it says on the tin.” Adam Roberts

“it’s without a doubt one of the best anthologies of 2012” Rising Shadow

“Ian Sales is therefore to be praised for the much-more-difficult-than-you’d-think task of gathering together such an excellent range of stories.” The Zone SF

“What I find in many of them are refreshing twists and departures from the predictable and formulaic outcomes US authors so often deliver.” Locus Online


7 responses to “Reviews

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  3. At this rate you won’t be able to get a hat big enough, Ian!

    But now you have to consider how you’re going to follow this great success with the next anthology! 😉


  4. All we need now is to get a quote from William Gibson saying “I wish I were in this anthology” and I’ll be satisfied.


    • 😀 Good one, Colum! 😀

      So cool to see the review in Locus!

      Great job in sending review copies out and getting the book talked about, Ian!

  5. I like the reviews we’re seeing in Amazon: “Temporarily Out of Stock”. Sound like it’s time to order a larger print run, Ian!

    • Amazon doesn’t hold stock of Rocket Science and will only demand them from suppliers if it has orders for them. They also demand a 60% discount, whether or not you can afford it. People should buy Rocket Science from the Mutation Press website.

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