Mission over

In its year-long mission to explore– On second thoughts, let’s not go there. Rocket Science, an original anthology of hard science fiction and non-fiction, was launched on 9 April 2012 and now, one year later, it’s time to say goodbye to this blog. The book still exists and continues to sell – and yes, an ebook edition will be made available sometime during 2013.

Source: NASA

Source: NASA

Rocket Science has done well. It published some excellent fiction and non-fiction – even if I say so myself. One of the non-fiction articles, Karen Burnham’s ‘The Complexity of the Humble Spacesuit’ was even shortlisted for the BSFA Award in the non-fiction category. Sadly, it didn’t win, and the award went to the World SF Blog (a worthy winner, nonetheless). Given that one of the stories in Mutation Press’s first anthology, Music for Another World, was also shortlisted for a BSFA Award, that’s quite an achievement for a small press.

I had fun, and I learnt a lot, editing Rocket Science. I tried to make the selection process as transparent as possible and, from the comments I received, many people found that useful. I also had fun writing posts on relevant topics for this blog. But Rocket Science News has served its purpose and now it’s time to roll it up. It’ll stay up for the time-being, but I won’t be adding to it or posting anything new.



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4 responses to “Mission over

  1. I do believe that means the decks are clear for Rocket Science II?

  2. Actually, I do want to thank Ian for all of his work in putting this anthology together, as well as including my non-fiction piece. “A Ray of Sunshine” was my first non-fiction sale. I was stunned to have been nominated for the BFSA award (though I do agree that Karen’s “Spacesuit” work was far better). All in all, it has been a terrific ride, and I thank you again for taking me along.

  3. It’s been fun. Thanks Ian.

  4. I also wanted to add my thanks and repeat the call for a Rocket Science II at some point in the future. See you again at the next convention!

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