Reading period week 3

The reading continues apace. I wonder how the frequency of submissions changes depending upon the time of year. Perhaps some months are more productive than others. Of course, there’s no way I can test that – I only have this one August to October reading period. But I seem to recall that some online magazines do publish statistics on their year-round submissions.

But, for Rocket Science, submissions currently stand at eighteen stories and four non-fiction pieces. They break down as follows:



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4 responses to “Reading period week 3

  1. How are you planning to handle rejections? Are you going to reject unsuitable works as you get them, or hold everything until the reading period closes and then start making decisions?

    This makes a big difference in what submission strategies work best, and thus in the pattern of how submissions come in. If an editor is rejecting as unsuitable stories come in, it makes sense for writers to send stories early, because if that first story doesn’t hit the mark, they may be able to get a better feel for what the editor wants and write a story that’s a better fit and send it later in the reading period. OTOH, if the editor’s holding everything to the end before making any decisions, even obvious no-ways, it behooves the writer to make sure that their one shot is a piece that’s as good as they can make it, which means that an unless there are other time pressures that will keep them from using the entire submission period, they should spend the whole time making sure their story is the best it can be.

  2. I’ve been making decisions on stories as they come in. And one person has already struck lucky with their second attempt. As a writer, I’d know I’d much prefer it that way myself.

  3. Ian, I sent in a story a few weeks ago, but never got a confirmation response. Do you wish me to resend it? The story was by Carmelo Rafala.

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